Hard Money


HBL Group Inc can now offer financing to borrowers who are unable to demonstrate 90 day seasoning of down payment funds. We can now lend with evidence of funds to close in a US bank (OFAC compliance) regardless of when they were deposited. LTV limitation will apply for transactions with unseasoned down payments but they are now eligible. Rates from 6.99% as high as 12% base on the client financial status.

We also offer 100% financing based on the appraised value not on the sales price, for investors with history of flipping homes. Loans must be to a corporation or an LLC! No consumer loans…

Please contact us with any questions or to review any potential scenarios.


 SEE What Hard Money we recently closed:

  •  Glendale 18 Units Loan amount 1.2 M Hard Money Close 12/27/2013
  •  Vista Ca 92084 250k Hard Money close 8/01/2014
  • 5100 Avalon Blvd Los Angeles Ca 90011 Car Sales Lot 585 Loan amount
  • 435 Main St Los Angeles Ca 90011 Car Lot Loan Refi 350 Loan Amount Both Deals Close under Marcelo Chavez LLC
  • Foreign National Loan From Mex House Sold In Burbank Hard Money Loan 310k Loan Amount Close 12/15/2014 
  • 402 McCord Bakersfield Ca 93308 10 Units Hard Money Loan 400k Close 12/15/2014